10,000 WAV Samples

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With 10,000 WAV Samples you get access to nine CDs full of loops, lines, synths, and multimedia samples, and effects to alter each sample. You can easily integrate samples into your own music productions, PC audio program, multimedia presentations, or Web pages. Each sample is professionally recorded by studio musicians. You can choose from a wide range of tempos, including 80 to 170 bpm, and listen to up to four samples simultaneously with the unique Groove Check feature. Interactive documentation (HTML) provides comprehensive documentation on each sound library. The program allows you to experiment and mix with four separate audio tracks and save them as a stereo track, add any of 14 adjustable real-time effects to each track (including reverb, delay, and flanger), and even create your own individual loops, sounds, and samples. There are loops and lines at a variety of tempos, vintage synthesizers, analog synthesizers, digital synthesizers, keyboard legends, and multimedia samples.


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