100,000 Images Clip Art

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Enhance all of your projects with 100000 clip artimages!Product InformationFrom astronauts to aardvarks jam packed with 100000 images on almost anysubject.  Add excitement to flyers e-mails Web pages t-shirts memosnewsletters business cards and more!   Includes a customer browserso that you can easily preview the graphics by categories before importing theminto your favorite Windows programs. Perfect for: Flyers Web Pages Ads Memos BrochuresCategories Animals Outdoors Office Adventure Cartoons and more!Windows Requirements Windows 95 98 Me 90 MHz Pentium processor or faster 16 MB RAM minimum 30 MB free hard disk space CD-ROM drive DirectX 5.0 compatible video card with 2MB memory DirectX 5.0 compatible sound card 3D accelerated supported but not required


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