Diablo Hellfire Bundle – PC

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Diabo‘s smite-the-evil action made the game a hit, but its random story generator, which greatly changes the layout, foes, and quests each time a player restarts, made it a game numerous game developers want to copy. The story is straightforward: an evil demon named Diablo has wiped out your entire village and has taken up residence under a cathedral on the outskirts of town. Most everyone is afraid of going near that place, but not you. Start as the frail sorcerer, the marksman rogue, or the tough-as-nails warrior and devise a battle strategy that suits your character’s skills and weaknesses. Descend deeper into the catacombs to stamp out evil, buffer your experience, and pick up stronger weapons and spells–you’re going to need them.

As if that weren’t already enough to keep you playing for quite some time, this package includes the Hellfire authorized expansion pack, which provides even better weapons, more magical items, deeper levels, and a new character class: fearless monk. If you’re the type who doesn’t like to walk alone through the valley of the shadow of death, log on to Battle.net, where you can find up to three other players to join your party for free.


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