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“As we evolve into a multicultural, global society, the need to understand and speak a second language becomes increasingly important. Unfortunately, for many people the opportunity to learn a second languages comes too late in life. JumpStart Spanish is designed to introduce young children to the sounds of Spanish (and English) and to establish a foundation for future learning. Recent research indicates that there are critical “windows of opportunity” in the development of the human brain. Children are most receptive to linguistic learning between the ages of two and six. JumpStart Spanish will enhance a child’s ability to learn Spanish by introducing him or her to the tonal sounds of the language during the critical “window of oportunity.” The English component of JumpStart Spanish will be very valuable for children learning English as a second language.” “Getting Started: What Do I Need?: Minimum Requirements for Windows 95, Windows 3.1 or 3.11; * An IBM or compatible computer with a 486DX2/66 MHz processor * Double-speed CD-ROM drive * 5 MB hard drive space available * SVGA 256 color graphics adapter * 8 MB of available RAM * MPC compatible sound card * Mouse. Minimum Requirements for Macintosh: * 68040/90 MHz or PowerMac * 5 MB hard drive space available * 13″ color monitor with 256 colors * System 7.1 or higher * 8 MB of available RAM * Double-speed CD-ROM drive.” (from User’s Guide Booklet)


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