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This package contains Starcraft and Starcraft BroodWar Expansion SetProduct Information  Starcraft the highly anticipatedreal-time strategy game  Starcraft is the one of Blizzard Entertainment’sbiggest product launch ever.In the distant future a small group of human exiles have been doomedto fight for survival on the edge of the galaxy. Through military strengthespionage and deceit a unified Terran government has maintained an uneasypeace but as resources and fuel run short the Confederate nations findthemselves looking towards the rich worlds of their alien neighbors theenigmatic Protoss. To further plicate matters it seems that a previouslyunknown species– the Zerg– have entered Protoss space and are destroyingeverything in their path. The time for war has e.Real-time strategy goes to new levels as three intergalactic speciesfight for survival. Control the vagabond Terrans enigmatic Protoss orthe bloodthirsty Zerg as they wage war on the edge of the galaxy. Includessupport for Inter play over Battle. Blizzard’s on-line gaming service.As mander of the Terrans Protoss or Zerg species players head ona collision course for galactic domination. While battling in space onplaary surfaces and within installations players face 30 do-or-diemissions. With each mission more of the epic story of the universe unfolds.”With Starcraft Blizzard Entertainment continued  traditionof offering highly addictive and exciting real-time games while creatingnew worlds experiences and technologies.KeyFeatures IncludeThree intergalactic species boasting unique units technologies attributesand abilities.Evolving storyline that unfolds as players experience the game from eachof the three species’ perspective.30 different missions in space on plaary surfaces and within installations.Real-time light sourcing true line of sight and advanced translucencyengine bine for visual and tactical realism.Multiplayer option that supports as many as eight players via modem workdirect


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